The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery
Mark Van Doren

Press Forward pushes the boundaries of traditional thinking to provide customised, values-based learning and development solutions.

Our new-wave approach to professional development focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence, supporting teams through change, promoting leader-as-coach behaviours and developing a positive leadership presence. While our unique insights shine the spotlight on the drivers of talent performance, our creative processes take leadership from the confines of the boardroom to all facets of your business.


Founder, Yulia Zlatkin

With nearly two decades of experience, Yulia doesn’t just understand the theory of business; she knows what it takes to implement real and practical solutions. Her Commerce/Law Degree, accreditations with various profiling and emotional intelligence tools plus strong knowledge of VET training and RTO requirements, means Yulia also has the formal training to match her business smarts.

Brilliant. Lively. Driven. Passionate. Yulia is a creative and sharp thinker with a kind of common sense that just isn’t, well common.